I am a woman. Hear me with your integrity, for my sound rings of a truth that is grounded within my roots and built by the hands of a higher power. I am a woman. See me with your wisdom, for my intuition is entangled deep within the fabric of a DNA that is greatly protected by a light that surrenders all darkness. I am a woman. Listen to me without an agenda, for the words that I speak come from a sacred language that has been gifted to me by the divine. I am a woman. Respect my movements with purity; Experience them with a deep honor, for is it my purpose and has been created as a tool to support great shifts on this planet. I am a woman. Feel me with your heart space, for my vibration is seeking passion that will lift it higher to create more space for healing and safety in this realm. I am a woman. Do not come forward with actions of defeat. I am protected by a Holy Spirit that feeds me a vast and over abundance of love that will never stand down. I am a woman. Do not break my spirit, beat me down, rape me of my purity, steal my light, surround me in darkness, distract my discipline, disrupt my service or taint my vision. If you are not here to support me, please step aside, I have work to do. I am grieving the dark of the old to step into the light of the new