Your intuition is the only way to step into your power. Period. There is no other way. You cannot be guided to it, no one can help you, it can’t BE forced or learned.. not even your experiences will do it. LISTEN, your heart’s song SPEAKS in sacred, not scared…it will NOT lie, manipulate, abandon you or lead you astray… that is all outside sources. It’s YOUR song on its knees patiently awaiting YOUR arrival.. but we are too distracted seeking outside of ourselves… how many spiritual connections do we need which turn into spiritual egos that we have now collected.. How many workshops, coaching programs, trainings… how many ceremonies must we attend.. how many “shamans” “healers” “preachers” to guide the way before your intuition gets so blinded and drowned out by smoke and mirrors.. how much indigenous medicines, which is being abused and turning into drugs that you’re now calling healing, do you need? There is an OVER abundance outside of you, and an UNDER abundance withIN your SELF. These beautiful tools that we have created.. the spiritual connections, the higher teachers, workshops, ceremonies, indigenous medicine is all being used if we are NOT listening to OUR intuition. We listen to our intuition FIRST which steps us IN our power instantly and then we may authentically learn and grow from these tools to refine our power. We are doing it all BACKWARDS. We think that the stepping INto our power is the last step, but we are MIS-TAKEN and have been MISLED.. it is the FIRST step and the ONLY way into bringing us back to the very TRUTH that we started with.. your intuition is the ONLY thing that will step you into your power. If you have gotten there any other way, best you look harder at that power that you believe you’re standing in. And if you are still seeking to step into IT, take a moment to step back into YOU because the path that has all of the signs that say “This way to your power” is leading you further away. Do not loose yourself in the process of finding yourself. I’ve done this the hard way for you. Your soul never needed painful lessons to grow. Listen to your intuition and step in that intuition with intension. And there YOU WILL BE. IN YOUR POWER. It is an INside Job my beloved sweet sisters and brothers.. an INside job. And anything that tries to show you any different is an indication that you are NOT listening to your intuition because if you ARE, you will already BE THERE.