Intrinsic Revolution, An Alchemy of Awakening.

Welcome to intrinsic revolution, a program designed to guide you to your most genuine self through yoga and its core teachings, ancient practices, rights of passage, and daily disciplines. Mentally, spiritually and physically allow this program to implement a new way of being created by you, guided by passion and innovation and driven by MY ( Christy LeCuyer) own personal journey through awakening to pave the way to yours. An awakening that will recover your true essence, raw innocence and allow your divine self to be lit on fire with passion, discernment and benevolent grace. This program will have you standing in your full glory, unapologetic and no longer within the matrix but without the illusion. Enter into your revolution.



This is an 8 week program that includes:

In Home Practices:





~Rite of passage

~Self Disciplines


~Chimnmaya Vedanta Govardhan (Gita classes)

~Bodhi Sangha School (Thai Folk Medicine)

~Hare Krishna Iskcon (Temple)

~Buddhist Temple


~Sound Healing

~Altamonte Springs yoga (workshops)

~Sacred practices/Ancient pastimes

~Drum Circle

~Acupuncture/ Chinese Medicine


Program Studies and Yogic Teachings :

~ History and styles of Yoga

~Ayurvedic Medicine


~Triple Gem (Ti-Ratana)

~Meditation and Mantras

~8 limbs of Yoga

~Vedic scriptures

~Alchemy and Elements

~Yoga Sutras of Patanjali

~Patanjali’s 8 limbs of Yoga (Ashtanga)

~The Vedas


~The Chakra System

~Hindu God and Goddesses

~Awakening within

~Reclaim your dignity

~Time without the mind


~Holding space


~Shamanic Ceremony