Welcome to your experience… Private for couples or group women’s ceremony.. 

To allow the woman for our women’s retreat or the couple for our couples retreat, to experience the soul of consciousness TOGETHER as ONE is the main purpose that I hold these intimate unique ceremonies. 

I closed my mouth and spoke to you in a hundred silent ways~ Rumi 

This very intimate evening is a deep healing, heart opening, shedding of giving and receiving pure love and acceptance of the being that sits before you. Unlock your truest form and let it unfold into each other’s heart space. 

You hold the key to your ascension into igniting your freedom of expression within you. In this ceremony you will be submerged into awakening a part of your passion that has been waiting to be unleashed. This ceremony will allow you to access the most powerful dimensions of love and creation that you have.. Your beauty, sensitivity and abundance… waking up your patience, dedication, subtlety and devotion. 

I no longer live in TIME, I live in MOMENTS..~ Marc Mero

While ancient music is being played, brass trays laid with wild flowers and cut fruits by the hundreds… lanterns lit, candles lit, essential oils from around the world and you as a group or partnership heightening your awareness, connecting on a deep energetic and physical level.. uplifting, healing believing in each other’s highest and empowering your path as one ….revealing to each other a part of YOU that has been hidden and will now have the permission to be unearthed.

This is an overnight stay at my Lake House in Hawthorne which is about 30 minutes away from Gainsville right outside of the Ocala National Forest. The ceremony starts at 8pm, arrival 7:30. I will guide you through the first portion of your ceremony as you drop in with the medicine and become open and vulnerable.  I work with you through a hand full of ancient practices that have been taken from us in modern day living. I will help to create a platform for your intentions for the ceremony and guide you deep into each others or tour own heart space and hold space for anything the comes up… the intimate truth of ones being should be seen and held with deep respect. For the second part of your ceremony, we will talk about a few modalities, hidden secrets and tips that you can use in your own personal intimate space after I leave to become more deeply connected on the mental and physical. 

I can guarantee that during your ceremony there is a deep realization of the magic that is within you. The true depth of unconditional love, joy and happiness! 

The ceremony includes three doses of medicine which is optional. 

The medicine that I work with in this ceremony is a sassafras alchemy of the purest of form possible to lead you into a sweet, powerful journey into vulnerability. 5HTP, vitamin C and a cocktail of other natural serotonin/dopamine organic elements have been added to accommodate the journey so that your experience is well balanced and heightened with pure bliss.  

One specific additive that makes this journey extra special is the organic rose powder to add the 320 MHz (The body is around 62-68 MHz. Of all the plants, trees and tangible things on earth that are alive, Rose has the highest frequency.)

Rose (Rosoideae) has been cherished throughout generations for its heart-opening properties. This magical nervine is excellent for dropping you into a space of openness and is a great aphrodisiac. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, Shen is the heart and in Unani (Greek-Arabic medicine) its called pneuma in both, the heart is seen as the soul of consciousness.

You have the option of adding Golden Teacher psilocybin into your ceremony. This adds another layer to the ceremony in which allows a deeper view on ones self. 

Included in this ceremony: 

2 doses of medicine 

All material and time used to prep the space 

The use of speciality oils from India and Thailand

Speciality elixirs (Chinese medicine herbal drink(non alcoholic)that compliment the medicine through the evening) 

Over night stay 

Morning nourishment to rebalance the system 

If you and your partner are interested in booking for this magical evening, please contact Christy to set up a private ceremony and to talk about intensions for the ceremony including a list of questions that I would need answered so that the ceremony can be designed within your desires and specifically for your needs as a couple. 

If you are interested in joining a group women’s ceremony please contact me and I can give you dates of upcoming group events limit of 8 Women. 

So much love, integrity and peace